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Thursday, 22 November 2007

Reading this excellent article in El Reg it reminded me of some information I did not previously impart to you my loyal readers. Although I have blogged about the BBC's ill-fated iPlayer before but what I did not reveal then was that I actually attended an 'interview' to join the project back in 2005. The interview was a disaster and in just one hour I could see clearly three things:

  1. The person interviewing me was confused about what he wanted (see "didn't have a scooby").
  2. The project was mired in politics.
  3. I wanted no part of it
During the interview a Mandarin dropped in to oversee proceedings. I remember thinking at the time that something is wrong in the state of Denmark.
Why is the iPlayer a multi million pound disaster? | The Register: "The story of the BBC's iPlayer is of a multi-million pound failure that took years to complete, and was designed for a world that never arrived. More was spent on the project than many Silicon Valley startups ever burn through, but only now can we begin to piece together how this disaster unfolded."

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Which reminds me - I need to uninstall my copy!

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