Littlewoods: Bad and Good at the Same Time

Thursday, 5 June 2008

I have recently been a victim of identity fraud. Someone has successfully applied for credit in my name at UK retailer Littlewoods. The first I knew about it was when some Wii peripherals arrived at my house. I phoned them and it turned out that two weeks previously I had set up a 1000 GBP line of credit with them and this was my first delivery. I cancelled the account.

The bad: they gave an account to someone who applied through the Internet and shipped the goods without me signing any kind of credit agreement with them.

The good: their fraud department dealt with the issue very professionally and signed me up with CIFAS (see below) who will protect me from now on from this sort of thing.

I have signed up with Experian to make sure they haven't applied for any other credit in my name but if you are a fraudster reading this, or even the actual fraudster who did this, please do yourself a favour and use your considerable resourcefulness to get a legitimate job which will benefit the UK economy and might make you feel better about yourself.

Welcome to CIFAS Online - CIFAS Online: "CIFAS is the UK’s Fraud Prevention Service with 270 Members spread across banking, credit cards, asset finance, retail credit, mail order, insurance, savings and investments, telecommunications, factoring, and share dealing."

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Meeting Alfresco Management Team

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

I attended a teleconference today with John Powell, John Newton and Denis Dorval. This was hosted at BigCo by Matthew Langham who runs the Open Source Community of Interest there. John Powell gave an excellent presentation covering Open Source : Myth & Reality, the Business Side of Open Source, and Outlook for the future. It was very interesting but things really got going during the Q&A. The two John's are really big hitters from the world of document and content management and their acumen really came through. I asked some questions about how BigCo might trust open source companies like Alfresco to still be around in 5 year's time and they gave excellent answers. We discussed vTiger and Interbase (remember them?). Rick Pittard asked some great questions as usual.

I have been a big fan of Matt Assay for some time. He is a regular guest on Open Season which is one of the excellent podcasts produced by Radio Reg ( Unfortunately he was not present today. Alfresco must really be interested in establishing a relationship with BigCo. On today's performance they stand a very good chance. Impressed!

Alfresco People - Open Source Content & Document Management Industry: "Alfresco People"

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