Android Set to Replace Windows

Monday, 4 May 2009

Android will supplant Windows. It will become the preeminent OS for phones, netbooks, laptops and desktops.

Google is full of very smart people. They have created a browser and bought an OS company in Android. If they had wanted to take over the desktop then they would have bought Microsoft wouldn't they? So why didn't they? Perhaps they didn't have enough cash. Or perhaps they decided that the future of Operating Systems is not like the current model of Windows, OSX and Linux.

Let me explain why.

Windows 7 will be as small and compact and efficient as Windows Xp so it can run on Atom chip netbooks, the fastest growing segment of the PC industry. Microsoft took a step 'back' because the market has spoken. During the development of Vista the market was going in the opposite direction. Faster chips and Moore's law. Until somebody woke up one morning and said, "I just don't need all this power to run Firefox".

A Dell Mini 9 is completely silent. It has more in common with a mobile phone than a desktop computer.

  • The Atom chip does not consumes a lot of power (no more than 2.5Watts)
  • it will compete with the ARM chip when Intel start fabricating 32nm.
When Asus start making an Android netbook with an Atom chip and 12 hours battery life and the tools to do your job and no license to pay to Microsoft for Windows 7 then you will have something genuinely new. But why stop there. Who said you need more than a browser and a basic office suite to do your job on a desktop?

Android is community lead, with the backing of one of the world's most cash rich companies. This combination will ensure that Android is reliable and easy to use. Google ensures that it will get continual financial support. Who do you think paid for Firefox after all?

If you don't believe me then all you have to do is this. Close your eyes. Remember for a second that Linux powers most of the world's routers. Linux powers most of the world's web sites. KDE and Gnome try and almost succeed to compete with Windows, arguably the world's most ubiquitous piece of software. The battle for the desktop is only a battle in the eyes of Microsoft and Apple. Most people don't care. If Android comes along and does the job for 100 USD less then people will go for it. Firefox will soon become the world's most popular browser if you split IE6 and IE7 apart. Google funded Mozilla for the most part. Google have a track record of staying the distance and they are backing Android. Now open your eyes. See what I mean?

Posted by Robin Yellow at 14:01  


Interesting view, maybe a little ambitious? Would be a dream come true for all those freeware, open source junkies out there. I myself am interested as to how Windows 7 improves my life. After Vista I am going to give Microsoft only one more chance, then I too will be switching OS.

Kit said...
5 May 2009 at 14:27  

I hear you. Windows 7 better be really good or they run the risk of being marginalised over the next five years. But with Apple computers so expensive, what is the alternative?

P.S. The new Ubuntu is a real improvement over the old one. I am impressed. You can try it safely here:

Robin Yellow said...
5 May 2009 at 14:34  

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Anonymous said...
29 June 2009 at 07:05  

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