Lenovo's Thinkpad Reserve Edition?

Friday, 8 June 2007

Now this is a great thing to do. Put a laptop into a beautiful hide wallet. I carry my laptop around site here at the-oil-company-which-cannot-be-named and the feel of the antiseptic plastic case of my trusty Dell crap-top is not very pleasant in my hands. More leather is what I say. Car manufacturers cottoned on to the fact that if you make the steering wheel and the gear knob leather then you can make the rest of the car plastic. It takes a Chinese laptop manufacturer to come up with this great innovation. What good is Europe anyway?


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Lenovo's Thinkpad Reserve Edition?

via Engadget by Thomas Ricker on Jun 08, 2007

There it is, Lenovo's Thinkpad Reserve Edition. According to our trusted insider, it's just the staid, Thinkpad design wrapped in cowhide. YeeHaw! Still maybe there's more than meets the eye, eh?

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